A how-to based on my bread experiences

I’ve been trying to make nice bread for a very long time, and I’ve made many bad loaves. This has led me to countless youtube videos and articles, and I wanted to compile what I’ve learned over the past few hundred loaves.

High hydration doughs → Airy, holey bread

One of the best use-cases for no-knead bread is with a high hydration dough because its high water content (large ratio of water to flour) makes it very difficult to work the dough, or knead it. Working the dough by slapping and punching and twisting and folding and pressing it is essential to link the proteins in the…

A definitive guide by N. Ong and J. Ong

What is Sauerkraut?

Months into the pandemic that is COVID-19, we, as the human race, have come to see different sides of every part of life, adapting to new normals and adjusting to rapidly shifting conditions. Many of us have heard the siren call of the sourdough evangelists, and it has become a new normal to see bubbling starters litter social media feeds. Baking has become the banner of the “stay at home” movement, and the sourdough starter is its champion. As much as I would fancy myself a budding baker, I count myself…

Or, what fracture mechanics can tell us about our minds.

Disclaimer: This piece is a reflection of my experience at my summer internship with Pratt and Whitney Canada (which was a very good experience). I thought it would be interesting to summarize approximately what I had done with one of our greatest tools: the metaphor.

The 7:38 yellow line to Station Longueuil-Universite de Sherbrooke is not an exciting one. In the warm, muggy metro car filled with people of all ages and walks of life, there are those that stare blankly into space, wires running out of their ears, and…

Pressure cookers are scary. They are wildly volatile creatures with a mind of their own, and we bow down in deference to their mysterious ways, hoping for leniency, praying for safety.

“Please sir, take this beloved pot roast of mine, and when I rap once again at the ticking of the 38th minute, I beg of you, please spare my beloved china, my most meager dinner, and indeed this mortal coil itself.”

Passing off our raw ingredients into an unknown box, we set a timer and wait, sometimes in terror, until the beeps let us know that we are being…

Nikko Ong

I love learning about anything, really. As a curious person, I’ve always been fascinated by how very distant fields can interact. Fermentation enthusiast.

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